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Joe Rich

Joe Rich, founder and director, carries a degree in health care management, a background in counseling emotionally disturbed inner city teens, running group homes for at-risk youths, and working as an epidemiologist for the CDC. Over four decades he has added to his repertoire of teaching tools certifications in both yoga and life coaching, entrepreneurialism, and mentoring first time business owners.


Joe was told by one of his mentors that in the Aquarian Age everyone will achieve the abstract concept of “consciousness,” and was instructed to teach people how to apply it in their everyday lives. Since 1999, he has brought wisdom and insight to people as to how to achieve this and has counseled others through the process of transformation necessary to do so: to transform the love of power to the power of kindness.


Patrick Hentschel

Patrick is a top business leader in an international technology company at the forefront of innovation in product feed development.  He brings with him a passionate enthusiasm in environmental education and activism, and has organized a collection of climate change awareness events throughout California working with leaders in science and with national politicians.

Victor Briere

Victor Briere, A.D., is the co-founder of the International Institute of Ayurveda, where he serves as a NAMA-recognized Ayurvedic Doctor and Kundalini Yoga Teacher. Victor is a gifted pulse reader specializing in ayurvedic diagnostic techniques and health counseling.