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Tailored to groups or clients to address specific goals while maintaining the holistic view that the personal and the professional cannot be compartmentalized.

Retreats take place at our Montepulciano Italy headquarters, as well as at other European and American locations.

Retreats can be tailor made for groups looking for specific places and activities.

"Imagine an organization where a critical mass of people are leading and innovating from a wild heart, rather than following suit, bunkering up, and being safe."  Brene Brown


Corporate Retreats

Changing times require changed paradigms.  We will work with you from the ground up to build an experience for employees to management teams to CEOs, that revolutionizes the way you see, organize, and execute your business practices. 


Group Retreats

Utilizing dynamic synergy, we bring your group together in a shared experience that furthers the exploration and expertise in a specific aspect of life.  We work backwards from your intended result, to craft direct and indirect modalities that support a more profound unfolding than initially conceived of.

View Italy 2022 Retreat HERE


Personal Retreats

We take the ongoing trend of self-realization and self-help from the micro to the macro and deepen the awareness of all the elements that connect the personal to the universal.  Whether focused through the prism of yoga, cooking, or health / well being, the most personal of quests lives within a network of inter-relatedness.  Through this holistic approach, your personal intention can be fulfilled in a greater context.

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