Utilized as a tool for addressing diet and how it affects our consciousness - physiologically and from the standpoint that our food choices affect the natural environment and therefore affect us all.

We also have a cookbook coming soon, in Fall 2021!  Information and pre-order by emailing us through the 'CONTACT'page.

View our culinary products sold as Science of Life.


Culinary Classes

Joe is passionate about teaching that true consciousness is applied in the way we eat.  Join us for classes which are an engaging and fun way to learn about the intersection of delicious foods and the science of health. 


Culinary Retreats

Retreats are typically held for between three and seven days, and always include education about food.  In culinary retreats, however, you can focus on particular aspects of vegetarian cooking and ayurvedic cooking. 


Vegan Nobile Dinners

Join one of our Vegan Nobile Dinners held in the beautiful setting in Montepulciano.  Our historic building at Via del Opio nel Corso is located in the town center and features beautiful stone, terracotta, and travertine under vaulted and arched ceilings.  Dinners served include multiple courses, and are a feast to taste buds and to hearts. 


View the building in this video:  Galleria Video 

Photos from the kitchen

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